Cobalt provide Shariah-compliant insurance and reinsurance for any business or institution across a wide range of industries from construction to shipping.  We do this by creating new underwriting capacity from within the established insurance community located in the London Market including Lloyd’s of London.

This capacity is created using the Cobalt Blueprint.  Developed in association with the Scholars, this provides London with a unified standard for the provision of Shariah-compliant insurance coverage.

The Cobalt Blueprint has been specifically developed by us and supported by our Shariah Supervisory Board, in order to enable any insurance carrier to provide Shariah-compliant capacity whilst operating within the UK’s Regulatory environment.  The Blueprint describes the creation of a Risk Pool by each carrier, and the aggregation of these risk pools enables us to accept large risk exposures.

In all territories except the EU, we only provide facultative reinsurance solutions.  Our capacity will only ever be provided by S&P A plus rated carriers.