Property & Construction

We know that the ownership of property by Islamic Investors is closely linked to the principles of Shariah.  In Islam, it is forbidden to speculate on an asset that you do not own.  Therefore Islamic Investors looking to invest their wealth are disproportionately attracted to tangible assets such as real estate, plant and machinery, commodities and valuable items such as fine art, bloodstock or jewellery.  As many of these investments are made in conjunction with Islamic Financial Institutions, there is also a need to ensure Shariah-compliance of the whole transaction. This therefore predicates the need for Shariah-compliant insurance for both Investor and Financier.


We offer Property insurance and reinsurance for corporate risk exposures across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Our ethos is to get closer to our clients, understand their needs and create effective solutions that manage their risk while also offering strong ethical values at the heart of all our product.



Our Products

 Construction & Engineering

  • Coverage for Construction All Risks / Erection All Risks
  • USD 100 million capacity
  • 100% or QS placements

International Property

  • Coverage for Property All Risks / Business Interruption / Machinery Breakdown
  • USD 300 million capacity
  • QS, First Loss and Excess placements

Real Estate & Development

  • Coverage for assets, loss of rent and development propositions
  • US$ 300 million capacity
  • QS, First Loss and Excess placements

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